It is finally time for the most exciting announcement Generation Distinct has ever made!!! We are thrilled to announce the launch of Step #2 The Craft Your Passion Experience!

In this Four Month Experience you'll discover your passions, be trained on specific skills targeted towards your passion, and be equipped to create your own world change strategy. After two years of creation from the GenD Team, contributions from over 40 Leaders from around the globe, evaluation from high level influencers and a Beta-test with incredible young leaders we are confident this experience will equip YOU to discover the way you were designed to bring lasting change to the world.

After walking though this unique experience alongside your own personal Leadership Coach, you'll be sent out with clear strategy, compelling vision and real action steps for how you were uniquely born to change the world. Are you ready to actually live a life that matters? Don't wait. Your life is meant to matter.


How Does it Work?

First 8 Weeks:

You’ll spend the first 8 weeks of this experience identifying some of the passions that lie deep in your soul and you’ll identify which Track of the Craft Your Passion Experience will best prepare you to tackle the wrong you were born to make right.

Over the first 8 weeks, you’ll go through 8 sessions to identify the passions that lie within you.

Session #1: Mapping Your Story

Session #2: Who Are You Today?

Session #3: The Broken Record

Session #4: Tension

Session #5: Free Dream Session

Session #6: Analyze The Dream

Session #7: Identifying the Wrong You Were Born To Make Right

Session #8: Conversation with Coach

At the end of the next 8 weeks you aren’t going to have your entire life figured out. But you WILL have a better understanding of what you are passionate about and you’ll be better informed to select a track that will prepare you to create real impact in the world.

We believe you’re about to discover some brand new passions, be reminded of passions you forgot about, and engage in passions that are waiting to be unleashed.

At the end of the 8 Weeks, you’ll choose from one of the following Tracks:

  • Entrepreneurship Track

  • Activist Track

  • Evangelism Track

  • Mentorship Track

  • Visionary Track

Second 8 Weeks:

In the second half of this experience, you will enroll in the Passion Track of your choice!


This track will dive into the calling of a Visionary - someone who God calls to create in a variety of different ways and how it can be done to create real impact in the world.  In this track we will interview spoken word poets, writers, artists, videographers, photographers and more to share the role creativity plays in the Kingdom of God.

Week #1: Free To Create

Week #2: Identifying Your Unique Voice

Week #3: How To Embrace Failure & Take the Next Step

Week #4: Creating Your Panel of Voices

Week #5: Marketing Your Creativity

Week #6: Utilize Creativity To Change The World

Week #7: Sharing Your Creativity

Week #8: Craft Your Own Creative Process



This track will dive into the calling of Entrepreneurship, how God uses Entrepreneurship to further His mission in this world, how to create a Mission & Vision, casting Vision, marketing, finances, and more!

Week #1: Crafting Your Organizational Legacy Vision

Week #2: Performing a SWOT Analysis On Your Vision

Week #3: The Role Of An Entrepreneur

Week #4: The Business Plan

Week #5: Creating Your Staff Values

Week #6: The Value of Leadership

Week #7: Creating Your Team

Week #8: Casting Your Vision


This track will dive into the value of mentorship, what it looks like in our generation and context, how to create a growth plan, what to look for in a mentee and more. 

Week #1: How To Become A Hero-Maker

Week #2: Where Mentorship S.T.A.R.T.’s

Week #3: Creating the Game Plan For Your Mentorship

Week #4: How To Invite Others To Share Their Story

Week #5: Using The Enneagram In Your Mentorship

Week #6: The Strategy Of Transformation

Week #7: Showing Up

Week #8: The World Changing Power of Mentorship



This track will dive into what it really means to fight for justice in this world as well as feature stories of incredible individuals who are truly creating real change in our world. 

Week #1: Discovering Justice

Week #2: What It Really Means to Address Systemic Injustice

Week #3: Expanding Our Perspectives

Week #4: How Real Activists Reach Across Divides

Week #5: Helping Or Hurting?

Week #6: Performing an Injustice Audit

Week #7: Fear Can’t Survive Proximity

Week #8: How To Build A More Unified World



This track will dive into Evangelism and what it looks like in our generation. Through interviews from pastors, missionaries, evangelists, and more our audience will discover how they can lead people to encounter the love and hope of Jesus. 

Week #1: The Purpose of Evangelism

Week #2: The BLESS Strategy

Week #3: Living A Missional Life

Week #4: How To Overcome The Fear of Our Calling

Week #5: How To Intentionally Engage In Your Community

Week #6: Identifying Cultural Blind Spots

Week #7: Defining Success in Evangelism

Week #8: What Story Are You Telling With Your Life?

What does this program cost?

$25! We want to serve YOU! So we want to keep the cost low enough for young leaders to have the capacity to participate. However, we also want to challenge you to put some skin in the game and invest in this program. When we invest our resources, we are more likely to invest ourselves in the experience more fully.

Who will be my Coach?

You will be matched with one of our incredible, trained Generation Distinct Coaches who will be by your side as you walk through this experience!

Do I have to do anything before I start?

Yes! This is Step 2 of our Four Step Journey, so you must complete Step 1, our Own Your Potential video series!