It is finally time for the most exciting announcement Generation Distinct has ever made!!! We are thrilled to announce the launch of Step #2 The Craft Your Passion Experience!

In this Four Month Experience you'll discover your passions, be trained on specific skills targeted towards your passion, and be equipped to create your own world change strategy. After two years of creation from the GenD Team, contributions from over 40 Leaders from around the globe, evaluation from high level influencers and a Beta-test with incredible young leaders we are confident this experience will equip YOU to discover the way you were designed to bring lasting change to the world. After walking though this unique experience alongside your own personal Leadership Coach, you'll be sent out with clear strategy, compelling vision and real action steps for how you were uniquely born to change the world. Are you ready to actually live a life that matters? Don't wait. Your life is meant to matter. Registration opens May 1st!

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