What Will You Do With Your

One and Only Life?



Join The Team



Our Generation Distinct Volunteer Staff Members are on the front lines of this movement.


They are committed to living out the vision of Generation Distinct, spreading the word of this movement, fighting for justice, pursuing Jesus Christ with energy, and helping their friends and communities to get involved.

A role on the GenD Staff Team is not for everyone.

This role is for the person who is not perfect, but who is committed to live a distinct life. It is for the person who believes in spreading the message of the Generation Distinct movement. 

It is for the person who fights to spread the movement in their communities, across the nation and out into the world.

It is for the person who believes it is time for the next generation to rise up and show the world God can use the young to change the world, fight for justice, and impact others for the glory of Christ.

If you are that person, we would love to invite YOU to be a part of the Generation Distinct Volunteer Staff Team.

Fill out the interest form below and our team will be in contact with you soon! 

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