You want to live a life that matters. We want to show you how.

Generation Distinct empowers young adults to discover the wrong they were born to make right, leading them to experience who Jesus really is and compelling them to lead others to experience who Jesus really is.


How does it work?

Young adults are invited to enter into a four step journey.

Each step is an online tool you can complete from anywhere in the world created with you in mind.


Step 1: Own Your Potential

In this 12 Month Video Series, you will enter into conversations around 12 of the most prevalent injustices in our world today. Learning from experts who are in the fight against these injustices, you will have the opportunity to hear the real, messy, uncomfortable truths of what is really happening in our world. Then, you will hear the stories of ordinary young people just like you who have decided to take action and do something about the injustice they see in the world.


Step 2: Craft Your Passion


Have you ever wondered what your passion is?

In Step two, you will enter into a 4 month experience to craft your unique passion.

In this program, you will spend 2 months discovering the wrong you were born to make right and 2 months being trained on that passion all alongside your own personal leadership guide.


Step 3: Find Your People

In Step three, you will be welcomed into a tribe of radical world changers from around the globe who will link arms with you to live the distinct life. In this step, you will receive unique training, collaborate with other Champions, be invited into exciting opportunities, and belong to a group of passionate young people as you follow Jesus into a brand new way of living.


Step 4: Live Distinct


It’s time to be sent out.

In this step, you will be given compelling next steps, exciting initiatives, unique opportunities, invites to exclusive trips and events, and custom tools created just for you, all designed to send you out to live the Distinct life right where you are.

Start your journey today.