Episode 8: Erica Schimelpfenig "Jesus Is A Different Kind Of King"

A Year Of Discovering Jesus

Episode 8: Jesus Is A Different Kind of King

Is Jesus a power hungry leader or an oppressive ruler?

Or, is it possible that the King of the World is actually the most humble of all?

Find out right now in the video above!

Check back next Monday for this month's Scripture Study release, investigating the statement, 

"Jesus Is A Different Kind Of King"



What is, "The Year of Discovering Jesus?"

This year, we will take you on a journey to discover who Jesus truly is through a twelve month series that will include videos, scripture, reflection and clear action steps.

So often, our generation rejects following Jesus because they believe it to be just a list of rules to follow, or a boring life to settle for, or a stern ruler who just wants to control us and limit our fun. 

But, as we look through the pages of scripture, we discover that following Jesus is the most beautiful, fulfilling and risky adventure. We discover that Jesus invites us into a life of beauty and excitement and wonder.  We discover that Jesus was a radical, passionate, world changing, movement-starter who was anything but boring or "safe." 

This is the Jesus we want our generation to discover in 2017.  

Here is how this series will work. 

Each month, Generation Distinct will focus on a specific element of who Jesus is. 

Through the tools we release every Monday, we will partner with you to help you discover these truths about Jesus for yourself. 

Week 1: Video

On the first Monday of every month, Generation Distinct will introduce the Monthly Truth through video interviews with incredible individuals from around the country who will share their story of how they discovered Jesus.  

Week 2: Investigate For Yourself

On the second Monday of every month, we will release a Scripture Study for you to investigate the Monthly Truth for yourself. 

Week 3: Decide What You Believe

On the third Monday of every month, Generation Distinct will put out a Reflection Study that will guide you through questions and reflection as you discover what you believe about Jesus.

Week 4: Live It Out

On the fourth Monday of every month, we will give you a clear action step that will help take your discovery of Jesus from an idea to an action.  

Be sure to submit your email below to receive each of these steps straight to your inbox every Monday! 

Thanks for joining us on the adventure to discover who Jesus truly is. 

This may just be the most important adventure of your life. 

Generation Distinct